Mila Sai is created by visual artist Micaela Lucas. Her admiration for nature's intricacy and beauty combined with her fascination on ancient civilizations and symbolism, take her creations to an interesting dimension.

Mila Sai arises from her love for life and nature. Focused on the minutest detail of each piece, crafting not just a jewel but an homage to the art of contemplation and observation.
With this foundation, production is limited, respecting the rhythms of creation and also caring for the planet's resources.

Pieces are made to order, allowing for a greater focus on quality and detail. Most of the packaging is made from recycled materials and environmentally friendly.The main material for the metal collections is recycled 930 silver and the glass collection is made from discarded glass, transforming waste into treasure.

Mila Sai invites us to resonate with the higher version of ourselves through beautiful and mindful creations!